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Members of P3 represent the state public agencies, non‐profits, and foundations from multiple arenas including education, child welfare, public health, and juvenile justice who are committed to improving the capacity of the systems and services throughout Georgia.

P3 Membership Levels

Leadership Council

P3 is directed by the Leadership Council (LC), a collection of public agencies, non‐profits, philanthropies, and corporate entities affiliated with impacting some aspect of the teen pregnancy prevention in Georgia. These members agree to align their teen pregnancy prevention activities and have their efforts and impact documented as a viable part of P3’s collective work. LC members agree to contribute and assign organizational resources (logistical support, time and human resources) to the collaboration’s activities, work groups, and facilitation of implementation plans. They agree to provide active representation for the LC, attending meetings approximately 6 times annually. P3 representatives are responsible for responding to individual requests from Work Groups between meetings.


P3 Affiliate Members are described as public, private, civic, faith‐based and other organizations that are involved in initiatives, programs, and/or activities, that are affiliated with impacting some aspect of the teen pregnancy prevention in Georgia, and agree to have their efforts and impact documented as a viable part of P3’s work. P3 Affiliates serve as Work Group members and agree to contribute time and resources to achieve Work Group goals and objectives. Each work group meets at least monthly, typically by telephone. Additionally, this level of membership may be eligible for financial support, when available and appropriate, to complete activities that directly contribute to the achievement of P3’s stated outcomes. Affiliate members do not attend P3 Leadership Council meetings.


P3 General Membership is comprised of public and private entities working to reduce teen pregnancy rates in Georgia. General Members are described as individuals, subject matter experts or public, private, civic, faithbased and other organizations involved in initiatives, programs, or other activities that impact some aspect of the teen pregnancy prevention in Georgia, and who seek to informally cooperate by sharing information and maintaining dialogue with P3, without necessarily attending meetings or coordinating action. General membership allows for stand‐alone individuals and subject matter experts to be involved without the support of an organization’s resources behind him/her. A Student Affiliate sub‐category is included in this membership level. When appropriate, General Members may be asked to serve on Work Groups or to help implement specific Work Group activities and projects.


Partner and Affiliate Membership: Individual & Organizational Benefits

Through the sharing, creation and management of knowledge around teen pregnancy prevention issues, P3 membership enables individuals to:

  • Continue learning and developing professionally
  • Access national and local expertise
  • Improve communication with peers
  • Increase productivity and quality of work
  • Network to keep current in the field
  • Develop a sense of professional identity
  • Enhance professional reputation
  • P3 Membership benefits the organization by:
  • Reducing time/cost to retrieve information
  • Reducing learning curves
  • Improving knowledge sharing and distribution
  • Enhancing coordination, standardization, and synergies across organizational units
  • Reducing rework and reinvention
  • Enabling innovation
  • Benchmarking against influencing industry standards
  • Building alliances

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Become a P3 Member:  For an agency, organization or individual to become a member of the P3 they must first complete the P3 Membership Application and return a signed copy indicating the membership level desired and organization’s representative, when appropriate, to GCAPP’s P3 Coordinator. Please refer to Section 3: P3 Membership to determine the membership level that best fits with your organization.  Click here for the online form.